Nicola Dimde

“Pferdewirstschaftsmeisterin”, an equine professional qualified in “Breeding and Horse Management” and “Riding”

Born 1962 Nicola is, together with her partner Bernd Rubarth, co-owner of the Equestrian Centre Höperhöfen

In the past Nicola was often seen in the saddle of young horses but today her focus is on ambitious dressage lessons, presenting adult dressage horses up to level S and, not to forget, the management of the Equestrian Centre Höperhöfen.

Born 1965 is, together with his partner, Nicola Dimde, co-owner of the Equestrian Centre Höperhöfen

Bernd grew up with horses and started to ride at a very early age. Motivated by his numerous successes in show jumping he decided after completion of his apprenticeship in agriculture to become a professional rider.

Thanks to his calm, empathic nature and his equine expertise he is THE person to break in young horses and train them to top level.

His highly motivating lessons have encouraged numerous pupils to follow in his footsteps.

Since 2014 he is bearer of the “Goldenes Reiterabzeichen” which was presented to him at the Sottrumer Tournament for his numerous successes in show jumping.